Boiler Installation Epsom

Boiler installation in Epsom

We offer expert boiler installation in Epsom and the surrounding areas. 

We’re 100% Boilers Ltd, and as our name suggests, it’s all we do.  We really know boilers.  And, we install them to the very highest standards. With our team of fully trained Gas Safe engineers, you can rely on us to deliver everything you need in a boiler: efficiency, reliability – and, potentially some big savings on your utility bills.

Do you love living in Epsom?

Epsom doesn’t only boast a famous racecourse. 

It’s a desirable area in Surrey, with many large, attractive family houses built in an era when properties were constructed to last and last.  Substantial gardens, several stories, high ceilings – fantastic for your growing brood, but potentially quite expensive to keep warm.  Do you dread your gas bill?

If your boiler has seen better days, let 100% Boilers advise you on the purchase and installation of a new boiler.

Cost Savings and a Greener Planet

Yes, it’s an outlay you may not have anticipated.  But, with the latest technology, a modern boiler offers up to 40% more energy efficiency than one that’s more than 10 or 15 years old.  Yes, that’s correct.  Over time, your energy bills could shrink.

Plus, you’ll be doing your bit to help preserve our precious resources.  We only have one planet after all.  Contemporary technology enables boilers to deliver the same heat and amounts of hot water, yet work less hard in order to do so, and use less energy.  A greener choice all round.

Don’t forget the following additional benefits:

How We Work

100% Boilers are approved installers for a number of middle to high-range boiler models.  Why not get in touch? An engineer will assess and discuss your needs at a site visit, and follow up with a clear, no hidden extras quote.

Our prompt, courteous service will ensure that everything is taken care of quickly and easily.  Your new boiler will start working straight away.  We’ll even safely dispose of your old one.  Of course, all our boilers come with a full warranty.

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