Boiler Installation Fulham

Boiler installation in Fulham

If you’re looking for high quality boiler installation in Fulham, you’re definitely on the right page.  Our experienced team of Gas Safe-registered engineers can install a sleek new or replacement boiler in your home to keep everyone warm, safe and happy.

Here at 100% Boilers Ltd,  we know that Fulham is a great place to live.  It’s also clear that although many period 3-storey properties in this sought-after area of London make ideal family homes, they can be expensive to heat. 

Let 100% Boilers Do Everything for You

Don’t forget.  We also offer a Warranty on all our models, too.

It goes without saying that if your old boiler is more than 15 years old, a new one is a considered purchase.  But have you thought about the following?

Cost Savings Ahead, with 100% Boilers

In the longer term, with a replacement boiler you could make substantial savings in the longer-term on your heating bills.  And, help to do your bit to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. 

How?  Because modern boilers are substantially more energy effective. Contemporary technology means that they’re all condensing boilers, so they have a larger heat exchange.  So?  As a result, they recover more heat, and send cooler gases up the flue.  And voila – super-efficiency.   

In fact, your new model could be up to 40% more efficient than your trusty old one. 

Also, consider the following:

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