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Boiler Installation in London

When it comes to a new boiler, not all companies that offer boiler installation in London are the same.  In our opinion, you need the expertise of the right boiler company. You’ve found 100% Boilers Ltd. Great quality services at the right price. And, a boiler that won’t cost the earth and that works super-efficienty to save you money.  

Equally, a boiler that minimises carbon dioxide emissions. After all, we only have one planet and we’re as “keen to be green” as you are.

With 17 years’ experience, our fully qualified Gas-Safe team are at your service. 100% Boilers will replace your old model and install a brand-new boiler in your home. Above all, we’re professional, with a safety first approach. And, there will be minimum disruption.   

Your New Boiler – with 100% Boilers

a boiler question

May we ask, is your existing boiler getting on a bit?

Is it older than 15 years or so? If so, you may want to get in touch. Whilst it may be chugging on reliably, it’s not doing you any favours regarding running costs. Or, for that matter, energy efficiency.

Why Install a New Boiler?

Firstly, new boilers have been built with the latest technology. Therefore, on the whole they’re massively more energy efficient.  And, we do mean massively.  Fancy a combi boiler that’s up to 40% more efficient?  According to the Energy Savings Trust, over half the money you spend on your household heating bill goes on hot water and heating your home So, a brand-new boiler makes practical sense for long-term savings.


Need more persuading? Add to this improved heating control, quieter boiler operation, and most likely a space-friendly smaller size to fit snugly inside a cupboard, the benefits are pretty powerful.

Boiler installation in London, with 100% Boilers Ltd.   

Boiler Replacement Services

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