Boiler Servicing Epsom

BOILER Servicing in Epsom

100% Boilers specialises in everything to do with boilers.  We offer high quality boiler servicing and maintenance in Epsom, Surrey.  Our aim is to keep you safe, warm and comfortable in your home. 

With over 17 years’ experience, 100% Boilers is a team of dedicated Gas Safe-registered engineers, each with specialist knowledge of how boilers work; how to keep them ticking over efficiently, how they can go wrong – and importantly, how to identify and fix problems.

Your boiler.  You’ll only notice it if goes wrong. Let’s make sure that as far as possible, it won’t go wrong.  Whatever make of boiler you have, we know how to service it.

Epsom’s racecourse is world-famous, but this well-established town also has a reputation as a sought-after residential area for couples and families.  With properties of all sizes and types throughout the region, we’re at your disposal for your boiler servicing needs.

The Importance of an Annual Boiler Service

Save money, preserve the environment.  Kinder on your pocket when it comes to bills. Why? Because a well-maintained boiler works less hard. And, kinder to the world around us. 

Your safety.  Don’t put your life, or that of your family’s at risk.  Not now, not ever.  Sadly, boilers that aren’t maintained can develop faults.  Dangerous faults sometimes.  Carbon monoxide could leak out, and it’s invisible, silent and deadly. 

To maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.  Should you need to replace your boiler, perhaps through a serious fault or breakdown, you will need proof of service.  Without it, you’re going to have to pay for a new one yourself.

What Happens During a Boiler Service?

100% Boilers will ensure that everything is secure, safe and correct.  Our combined years of experience and focus on customer service will meet all your needs.  Included in your essential boiler checklist will be:

After we’ve completed your boiler servicing, you’ll receive a check list with any necessary or appropriate fixes highlighted. 

If you’re looking for boiler servicing in Epsom, look no further.

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