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boiler Servicing in Fulham

Boiler servicing in Fulham.  Without a doubt, it’s a competitive sector, in a desirable area of London that’s simply perfect for couples and families.  So, why choose us?

With 17 years’ experience, 100% Boilers’ focused expertise and in-depth product knowledge make us different.  Boilers run through us like letters in a stick of rock. (If you see what we mean!)

Fulham is an area that we know well. Plus, we recognise that maintaining the safety of your boiler plays a key part in the general upkeep of your home, as well as keeping everyone in it safe as houses.

Let 100% Boilers offer you yearly boiler servicing to the very highest standards.  If serviced correctly, it’s one less thing for you to worry about and should last for many years.

We service a whole range of boilers, such as Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi, Glowworm, Ideal and several others.  Our team is fully Gas Safe accredited.

What Happens During a Boiler Service?

Your 100% Boilers engineer will arrive promptly, with his ID card and wearing branded uniform. He will then check the following:

You’ll receive a checklist, with your boiler’s safety levels highlighted, and recommendations for any fixes, if issues have been found.

Why Have an Annual Boiler Service?

To maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.  Should you need to replace your boiler, without proof of service, you could be in for an expensive shock.

For your safety.  Whilst most modern boilers may simply cease working if something is wrong, older models may not have such sophisticated built-in technology.  They take the air from the room they’re in, due to an open flue. Any gas leaks could maim, or even kill – silently.

Cost and energy efficiencies.  If your boiler operates well, you’ll be able better to control costs.

In our opinion, keeping your boiler running smoothly can help you to take it for granted.  And that’s a good idea when life’s so busy.  Why not get in touch with 100% Boilers today – for boiler servicing in Fulham.

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