Boiler Servicing London

Boiler Servicing in London

100% Boilers Ltd is a well-established business that specialises in boilers, including boiler servicing in London. Obvious, really, but we really are the experts in our field. With a team of fully accredited Gas Safe Engineers, we have over 17 years’ experience of maintaining and servicing boilers in the homes of customers in and around London. 

Your central heating boiler is the beating heart of your home.  So, you want to take great care of it.  Let 100% Boilers offer your must-have domestic powerhouse all the TLC it needs.

Why Have An Annual Boiler Service with 100% Boilers?

Three answers:

Firstly, a yearly service will maintain your manufacturer’s warranty, where applicable.  Without proof of service, you could be severely out of pocket if it needs replacing.

More importantly – your safety, and that of your family.  A faulty boiler can be dangerous.  Whilst most modern types have a fail-safe mechanism that shuts them down if they develop a fault, older models aren’t quite so sophisticated.  Old fire and back boilers, or floor standing ones often have an open flue, so they take the air from the room they’re in.  Don’t take the risk.  Gas leaks can kill.

Cost and energy efficiencies are key.  You could avoid future costly repairs with a boiler in good working order.  And, lower costs. This makes sense, as it doesn’t have to “work” so hard.

What Does A Service Include?

We work with all types of boiler and all manufacturers.  Your 100% Boilers engineer will turn up promptly, wearing his branded uniform and bringing with him his identity card.  He’ll then carry out a comprehensive series of tasks, including:

You really can’t afford NOT to have your boiler serviced once a year.  Let 100% Boilers take care of your boiler servicing in London.

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