Boiler Servicing Putney

Boiler Servicing in Putney

Welcome to 100% Boilers Ltd.  We’re a well-established boiler installation, servicing and repair business with over 17 years’ experience. 100% Boilers offers exceptional boiler servicing in Putney, South West London, to help keep you and your family warm, dry and safe.  Why are we so exceptional?  Because as our name suggests, our focus is on boilers.  And, with meticulous personal service and fast turnaround times, we’re all about looking after you.

We have the in-depth knowledge you need.  You’ll know that the essential checks on your boiler have been carried out to the highest standards.

100% Boilers has a team of fully qualified, Gas-Safe registered engineers who can service any make or model of boiler, whatever its size or age.


With great transport connections, and a prime site to watch the boat race from the riverbank, Putney is a great place to live. Characterised by handsome architecture, properties are in demand.  Therefore, it makes sense to maintain your home – and your boiler servicing plays a key part. 

Why Should 100% Boilers Service Your Boiler Annually?

Your safety.  It goes without saying that with us, it’s safety first.  Or rather, on behalf of you – and your loved one.  It’s essential that your boiler operates as safely as possible. If faults occur and they’re not put right, gas leaks could kill, and very quickly.  

To maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.  You will need proof of service if your boiler breaks down under warranty.  And, you’ll need to have this done once a year avoid being stung by paying out for a new boiler should you need to replace it. Beware: new boilers are not cheap.

Cost and energy efficiencies.  A boiler that works well, is likely to be more affordable when it comes to your gas bill.  Plus, it’s kinder to the environment.

What Happens During a Boiler Service?

100% Boilers will ensure that everything is in good working order.  Our Gas Safe engineers will carry out a series of checks, including the following:

After your servicing, you’ll receive an itemised list, with any recommendations for immediate or medium-term fixes, if we find any.

If you’re looking for boiler servicing in Putney, 100% Boilers is here for you.

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