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The Importance of Gas Safe Registered Engineers

Here at 100% Boilers Ltd, we’re happy to confirm that we work with a team of highly qualified, fully accredited Gas Safe Registered Engineers. We’re here to keep you warm and safe, with the peace of mind you deserve to know that you’re in the right hands.  

Plus, that you’re working with a business that respects the UK’s stringent health and safety laws.  They’re there for a reason.

Why Is this Vital?

It’s not just significant that the person who fits your boiler is correctly accredited, it’s an essential, legal requirement.  Central to your safety, and to that of your family, is the requirement that they have received all the relevant training needed to work on your boiler – or any other gas appliance. 

Gas Safe is the national body that ensures that all engineers on their register are qualified.  You may remember it under its previous name: Corgi. 

It would be fair to say that nobody can work on anything that involves gas  – including your cooker or gas fire – until they can prove that they are safe to do so. And, that they can carry on proving it: this is a continuous process involving ongoing training.

Gas can be deadly, so don’t be shy:  Look for the Gas Safe logo on the reverse of  the ID card of the engineer who’s installing, repairing or servicing your boiler.  You’ll see a list of qualifications there, plus that all-important yellow Gas Safe logo.  Don’t worry, though; appliances installed with qualified engineers will be perfectly safe. 

And, he won’t mind!

100% Boilers – We’ve Got You Covered

If anything goes wrong, and one of our Gas Safe engineers has worked on your boiler, you’ll be covered by your insurance (plus our warranty).  Obviously, this applies to landlords but also to homeowners.  Without a qualified fitter, your cover could be invalid.

Don’t Take the Risk

We don’t want to scare you but cutting dangerous corners can be more costly than you think in terms of human lives.  

According to Gas Safe, over a million gas jobs a year are carried out by fitters who are NOT qualified to do so.

Whilst no doubt more affordable, not only is this illegal, the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, explosions and fires can be very real.

Why Not Check the Register?

Visit the Gas Safe Website and type in 100% Boilers Ltd:

We’re there.  We will always be there.  Our business is all about your safety and security.  As the good people at Gas Safe advise: trust the triangle.

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