Vaillant Boiler Servicing

100% Boilers Ltd is a specialist boiler company offering Vaillant boiler servicing to domestic customers in and around southwest London. Vaillant is a popular brand of boilers, and with their build quality and reliability, they’re a great choice for heating and hot water on demand in your home.

Their full range was awarded a Best Buy award by Which? in 2020, so we’re incredibly pleased to work with them. Our hard-working team at 100% are fully qualified and Gas Safe accredited and we know the range of Vaillant boilers well. So, you won’t go wrong with them – or with us!

The Importance of Vaillant Boiler Servicing

These are complex appliances which, although robust and reliable, need regular servicing to make sure that they’re operating at their best. They work hard every day, so you should reward them with some yearly TLC – courtesy of 100% Boilers

Why Have Your Vaillant Boiler Serviced?

Safety. Safety first to strict industry standards, at all times. It’s our mantra. Your Gas Safe engineer will make sure that your boiler meets the highest levels of safety. Gas boilers can go wrong. Most models have fail-safe mechanisms but carbon monoxide poisoning still kills many people in the UK every year.

To make sure that your warranty remains valid. Don’t just assume that this will be the case. A new boiler can be excruciatingly expensive, and of course, an unexpected extremely unwelcome expense. Should it need replacing, you will need to prove to Vaillant that your model has been serviced within the last 12 months.

Save money, save the environment. We’re all looking to be greener – and making savings on our energy bills are a bonus, too. Regular servicing from 100% Boilers will make your boiler burn fuel more efficiently, ultimately costing you less to run.

Plus, an efficient boiler is better for the world around us.

What to expect during your Vaillant Boiler Servicing

We’re prompt, professional and polite. Moreover, there’s no need to be concerned about the recent pandemic. Your engineer will work to strict social distancing guidelines with full PPE.

Everything will start with a visual check, then we’ll go into much more depth, including:

We’ll provide a full report upon completion, with any issues highlighted – which we can also fix for you.

Here at 100% Boilers, we pride ourselves on a professionalism and customer service. We’ll arrive promptly, in fully branded uniforms – and of course, we’ll tidy up immaculately before we go.

Avoid costly repairs in the future. Get in touch today for more information about Vaillant boiler servicing.

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